Lorraine & Gary

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Goodwood House, Chichester, August 2013

Thank you for all the wonderful photos and album that you captured on our wedding day Cliff. You fitted in with our friends and family so well that it was clear everyone felt so relaxed around you, and probably explains why you’ve managed to get such lovely photos. Thank you again and wishing you all the best.

Love, Lorraine & Gary. x

Lorraine and Gary’s wedding was something special. From the start everything was glamorous and glorious. The day started at their family home in the curves of the south downs and just north of Chichester. Arranging photos of all the family, along side the preparation photos such as the dress hanging, the brides shoes and the bridesmaids gowns. A modern and freshly decorated house made the back drops and lighting a simple affair.

With the prep shots in the bag I made my way to the stunning Goodwood House. Driving up the road to house in itself is a fairly special thing in itself, but knowing it was the venue for todays wedding added the extra excitement. Guests had already started to gather at the front of the house and hall way within. As everyone waited for the couple themselves to arrive they took in the splendour of the house.

Garry was expected, and then made his arrival, via helicopter, swopping in from the south having completed a fly by along the south coastline and up to Goodwood. Landing on the lawns metes away from the house all the guests felt the wind of the helicopter. Moments after its departure Lorraine arrived in her chauffeur driven Rolls Royce being greeted by Goodwood House staff.

Guests were at this time being directed into the ceremony room shortly followed by the bridesmaids and the bride herself looking beautiful and elegant. The service passed with the grace and grandeur which the venue and occasion provide after which the party began.

Moving out of the ceremony hall and into the other rooms of the house guests were waited on being served delicious canapes and drinks as the mingled, celebrated and enjoyed the moment. After thirty minutes and a glass of champagne Lorraine and Gary we’re able to sneak away from their guest for a few minutes to find a quiet reading room for a few more personal, couple photos.

Unfortunately the weather was the only aspect of the day which wasn’t perfect, and in a brief period of no rain I gathered the couple with all their guests outside for the obligatory all wedding guests photo in front of the main Goodwood House doors. Following the reception and photos the wedding breakfast was called and guests made their way into the grand hall where the full scale of the house could be witnessed. I love one of the photos I took this day from the ceiling alcove looking down on all the guests with a long exposure. It shows the movement of the occasion but also the stillness of the house.

Once the breakfast and speeches had been completed the evening party and first dance began. Lorraine and Gary took to the dance floor in a central room which had been decorated with thousands of fairy lights.

A beautiful wedding with a lovely couple at a stunning venue.